Saturday, September 8, 2012

Money and Limiting Beliefs

      "Whether you think that you can, or that you can't, you are usually right." - H. Ford
Hey everyone.
Today's topic is limiting beliefs and how they restrict us, especially when it comes to money. Let's jump in.

So, what exactly is a limiting belief? I think that we have to begin by defining a belief. A belief is defined as an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists. Another definition is something that one accepts as true or real or a firmly held opinion or conviction. However, not all beliefs are true. If a belief can be an opinion or conviction, then of course all beliefs are not true!

For the longest time, people believed that the earth, instead of the Sun was the center of the universe. Then, a brilliant mathematician and astronomer came along and shattered people's beliefs in 'geocentrism' and replaced it with 'heliocentrism'. And for the longest time, people believed that no one could ever run a mile in under four minutes, but then came Roger Bannister who ran a mile in under four minutes in 1954! And even after that, Bannister's record has been broken over and over again.

The point is that a lot of times, humankind believes things and these things turn out to not be true. And there are myriad reasons for these beliefs - sometimes our minds cannot comprehend things being different than they appear to be. I mean, before we as humans landed on the moon, it was pretty crazy to think that we could be on the moon! But we did it. Which leads me to my next point. A lot of times, we (myself included) look at life as it is at the moment and not how it could be, even though we wish life could be different or better. Such is what a limiting belief is - a negative belief about things as they are, and not a positive one about how they could be.

Limiting beliefs do not serve us as humankind very well. Can you imagine if Barack Obama just moped along with everyone else and said "there's no way a Black man can ever get elected President"? If he had 'believed' that statement, then he would have never taken action and run for President. And if you don't run, then how can you win?

Limiting beliefs show up a lot in our lives. Some of us believe that we are unattractive, unintelligent, unlucky, or whatever. And even though not all of us believe the things in the sentence above, a lot of us who were not born into money believe that money is hard to come by or that we will struggle for the rest of our lives or that  we just can't get a break. This system of beliefs that I just described is known as a 'poverty consciousness', as opposed to a 'wealth consciousness'. And, believe it or not (and I hope that you will believe it), the more that we think and feel these things, the more they become a part of our identity and we will continuously see the manifestation of that belief in our life.

Let's be real. Our thoughts are usually on overdrive. We let things play over and over again in our heads and sometimes we feel as if we have no control over them. The subconscious mind is essentially our slave and whatever we tell it to believe, that's what it will believe. Which is why it's so important to never, even in a tough economy, let words of discouragement and despair, be the predominant thoughts in your head. Stop listening to news about high unemployment or complaining about how you're having a tough time making ends meet. What you might be saying or thinking probably is very much a reality in your life. It does not matter what problems you are having (and we all have them) in you life though. Start repeating and thinking to yourself the things that you would like to see in your life. The more you think something or say it, the more you will believe it. And when you believe something, you will take definite action to make that belief become a reality. Here are a few statements that are positive affirmations about money that you should try on and see how you feel about them:

1) Money comes easily to me.

2) I have more than enough and am at peace with my finances.

3) I am a truly rich wo/man.

For even greater impact, try stating/thinking these affirmations when in a heightened state such as eating good food, listening to music you enjoy, or even orgasming. When you attach a positive emotion to these thoughts, your energy is heightened and the message sent out into the ether is that more powerful.

To wrap it up, no matter what your financial circumstances, you can make things better for yourself. However, you must begin speaking and believing the things that you would like to exist. When you believe that deserve money, you will make better financial decisions. When you believe that you have more than enough, you can donate to charity, which makes room for more money to flow into your life. I recognize that not everyone wants to be rich, but I'm sure everyone wants to be at peace with their finances and live comfortably. Such is possible by being aware of and ridding ourselves of limiting beliefs regarding money.


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